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Amazon Product Review

Eureka WhirlWind Vacuum Cleaner Review

eureka vacuum cleaner

The Eureka Whirlwind is a great canister vacuum for its price. Despite having a plasticky body, its straightforward design is fairly simple to maintain, and there are almost no ongoing costs. In spite of having a little more difficulty picking up small and large debris on high-pile carpet, it still performs admirably on bare floors. It can also be used in a different configuration with its soft bristle brush to reach into smaller spaces and has good maneuverability. Its range is however limited by the lack of numerous tools and brushes and the short length of the electrical cord.

Ease of Use

eureka vacuum ease of use

The Eureka WhirlWind is compact and simple to assemble. This model was easy to carry both up and down the stairs. The ease with which it was able to clean the room’s edges also caught us off guard.

The WhirlWind then stumbled as it approached. In comparison to other items in our lineup, it has a relatively short reach of 26’10”, and its cord is shorter than ideal at 16’6″. However, this is only a minor inconvenience if you’re willing to move the cord from one outlet to another. Due to its ability to adjust height and suction, the WhirlWind also performs mediocrely when transitioning from one surface to another. Since it lacks a brush roller, there are no adjustments for it.

Hard Surface Cleaning

eureka hard surface

The Eureka WhirlWind performed very well on hard surface. You will save so much time vacuuming hard floors with this model because it was able to collect all the debris in just a few passes. When picking up flour, it did a particularly good job because it was able to remove everything from both the surface and the floorboards’ crevices and nooks. This vacuum’s ability to easily angle over heaps of heavy debris and clean almost like a handheld vacuum is part of what makes it so great for hardwood floors.

Carpet Cleaning

For our carpet cleaning tests, we covered shallow, fluffy carpets with a layer of flour, cereal, oats, and rice. We then used a laminate floor roller to push the material deeper into the carpet, making cleaning more challenging. Then we vacuumed up all of the debris and recorded how many passes it took. We even checked to see if there was any last-minute debris by feeling the carpet with our hands.

We were impressed by the Eureka WhirlWind’s capacity to clean the carpets rather than just move debris. The dust produced, especially with oatmeal, is one of the challenging aspects of vacuuming some debris. We test various debris types, from large to small particles, to see which debris each vacuum can handle. We came to the conclusion that this vacuum does an excellent job of picking up fine and large particles after vacuuming rice, flour, oats, and cereal.


For bare floors, the Eureka Whirlwind Bagless Canister works wonders. It is excellent at catching all small and large debris as well as the majority of pet hair. Its plastic body may not appeal to all users, but it is relatively lightweight and has good maneuverability. Additionally, it is simple to maintain, and if its components are regularly maintained, there are essentially no ongoing expenses.

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