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Amazon Product Review

Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum Review

roborock S5

The Roborock S5 Max is a robot mop and cleaner from Roborock, a company that Xiaomi owns approximately one-fourth of. The company’s original robot vacuums were compatible with Xiaomi’s Mi Home app, but there is now a specialized Roborock app that is attractive and user-friendly.

The S5 Max is by no means a basic gadget, despite not being the newest, most powerful, or most feature-rich of the lot. In actuality, it’s a superb all-around robot vacuum with every cleaning option imaginable.

Its huge water tank and customizable mopping settings, which let you set up mopping zones and regulate how much water the S5 Max takes to clean, are two of its selling features.

robotvacuum mop

However, even if you aren’t planning on frequently using its mop function, it should still be a contender for your money if you’re looking for an excellent value robot vacuum.

Its price has now decreased to a respectable level, and if you can purchase it while it is on sale, you will do very well indeed.

Pros and Cons

  • The new electronic water tank is excellent at managing water flow and successful at getting rid of stains.
  • It is more effective than the Roborock S5 due to updates to the navigation software.
  • The lowest setting allows it to run for up to 150 minutes.
  • The user benefits greatly from no-go and no-mop zones.
  • The tiny dust cup has a capacity of 490ml for dirt.
  • A second pad or side brush are not included.
  • Really pricey.

Main Features

roborock map zones

  • Electric water tank, 290 ml. A mobile app managed water flow.
  • Ideal for carpets or rugs and multi-level homes, multi-floor mapping features virtual no-go and no-mop zones.
  • Your floor is always cleaned thoroughly and effectively thanks to precise LiDAR navigation and adaptive route algorithms.
  • Precise laser guidance. cleaning path in a Z-shape. individual room cleaning. better and quicker.
  • 2000Pa of powerful suction and automatic carpet boost. ideal for all kinds of floors.
  • 180 continuous washing cycles. perfect for big homes.

Cleaning Efficiency

Regardless of the size of the waste, the S5 Max can effectively clean both carpets and hard floors. It had little trouble picking up small to large objects, and on a mid-pile carpet, it did a great job of removing imbedded dirt. The only restriction would be the typical-sized dust cup that you would have to empty after each run.

Mopping Efficiency

The robot vacuum has a water tank at the back that is connected to a microfiber cleaning pad. Initially sucking up dirt and debris, the robot will then quickly wipe down the area with the wet microfiber cloth. Two tiny holes under the water tank shower water onto the cloth. It does not squirt water onto the ground. It delicately mists the cloth with it. While cleaning various rooms, the cloth becomes wetter or dries out more in this manner.

Function of the mopping Roborock S5 Max. Not precisely mopping, that is. It’s more like using a moist cloth to clean the floor. It will clear up some little mud prints or coffee spills fairly effectively if your flooring stay reasonably clean. However, it does not at all scrub the floor. There isn’t any deep cleaning being done with “elbow grease.” You shouldn’t count on it to properly fix the beer spill from a week ago. You might still need to conduct some traditional mopping.

The Verdict

I wasn’t sure whether the improvements to the S5 Max would affect how it mopped at first, but the new electronic water tank showed that it was capable of handling both wet spills and dry stains.

Even while it isn’t ideal, the improvements make it more useful to use dried stains without producing streaky pools.

Both surface and buried dirt can be cleaned up effectively. Therefore, it offers a lot of adaptability for houses in need of an effective vacuum and mop robot.

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