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Amazon Product Review

Weber Spirit II Review

weber spirit

Consider switching to a gas BBQ from a charcoal grill. To find out if the midrange Spirit II barbecue from Weber, the market leader in this niche, is a good investment, read our review.

Assembling Weber Spirit II

When the Weber was first opened from its compact box, the barbecue’s main shell was easily visible. There are numerous parts, though; when spread out on the floor, they took up the majority of a dining room, so the actual unpacking process took about 20 minutes.

Opening the box and completing the construction took a total of 1 hour and 45 minutes. Comparing this to other barbecues of comparable quality and construction, we thought it was a little on the long side.

assembly process

The manual was very clear, so the length of time wasn’t due to confusion or unclear instructions. The build was fairly simple and the illustrations were excellent, but there were a few tricky spots to connect, like the wires and gas connectors.

Using Weber Spirit II

The Weber Spirit II is simple to use even if you’ve never used a gas barbecue before. Additionally, since Weber is such a well-known brand, there are a ton of online resources available, such as video setup, gas connection, and cooking instructions.

There were no challenging elements when using the regulator to connect the gas (we used standard patio gas, sold separately).

The gas bottle is typically placed next to the grill either on the ground or perched on a small bracket held in place by a strap. While this kept the bottle out of the way, it wasn’t as secure as having it rest on a full shelf.

It took the barbecue about 15 minutes to reach the ideal temperature. The temperature control is excellent, and it was simple to turn the sturdy, well-designed, and tactile knobs.

A two-burner barbecue with a large cooking surface (20 x 18 inches) that can cook for four people was used.

Results of Cooking

Our barbecued food was prepared well (around 15 minutes for chicken wings, 20 minutes for sausages and 3-5 minutes for halloumi cheese). The advantage of gas barbecues over charcoal in this situation is that food can be prepared fast because there is no fluctuating or uneven heat.

There weren’t many cool places besides the barbecue’s very edges. Although there are some minor variations, as with most barbecues, depending on how far the food is from the gas burners, the heat circulation was excellent overall.



Weber occupies a premium position in the grilling industry, and for good reason: not only are their grills dependable and durable, but they also provide a very fun and simple cooking experience with lots of chances to upgrade and add accessories.

The Spirit II is impressively constructed, both in terms of the individual parts and the completed product. When parked, lit, and in use, it feels incredibly solid.

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